Global sports master


Regular master’s programme

Students participate in a regular master’s programme at their home university, such as sport management / sport policy / sport development/ development issues. They will follow their regular classes together with their fellow students. At three moments during their regular master’s programme, the students will ‘leave’ theses classes in order to attend the country visits belonging to Global Master’s Programme.

Country visits

During a time frame of two years, each participating university offers a country visit: an intense four-week course at their university. This course will concentrate on some general sport topics such as Sport Governance, Sport for Development and Sport & Diversity. Besides that, each university determines which of their signature sport topics they want to address. As a result, the Global Master’s Programme’s students will have to travel two times: they visit each participating university and get a special four-week course at their own university.

Study Programme in-between country visits

Students will continue working on Global Master’s Programme assignments in-between visits. In preparation of the upcoming country visit, students will have to do some small personal and group assignments. They can interact through an online platform and also through an online phone service such as Skype. In-between the country visits students will also have at least one mentoring session with one of the programme managers.