Global sports master



Students participate in a regular sports master’s programme at their home university. In addition to their regular master’s programme, approximately five students from each participating university form a group that together follow the Global Master’s Programme. The educational programme consists of a four-week country visit to each country of the participating universities and a study programme in-between those country visits.


Utrecht 2018 and beyond

The first country visit took place at Utrecht University, The Netherlands in February 2018. Eleven students from Japan, South Africa and the Netherlands enjoyed an intense four-week course. In addition to several classes on Utrecht University’s signature topics such as Sports Governance, Sport Development, Gender and Inclusion, students also visited and researched Dutch sports organisations, such as the Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB), the sport service organisation from the City of Rotterdam (Rotterdam Sportsupport) and a local (Islamic) football organisation called VV de Dreef. In addition, they were offered professional and social skills labs on Intercultural communication skills and Collaborating in diverse teams. Personal and group guiding along with reflections were also interwoven in the Programme.


Students will visit Japan in July/August 2018 and South Africa in early 2019.