Global sports master


The content of the Global Master’s Programme will focus on the following:

  • Sport for development issues on a local, regional and global level
  • (Sport) governance and organization
  • Management and leadership
  • Philosophy of science
  • Research methodologies (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Intercultural communication skills

Interdisciplinary approach

An interdisciplinary approach will be the key. The students will study the content from various academic disciplines, such as social science, governance and organizational science, (business) economics, law, (social) geography, humanities. The central questions for students will derive from the tensions between global issues and local practices (learning how to deal with diversity and context) and the gap between theory and practice.

Skill training

The training of students’ skills will be an important component of the Global Master’s Programme. Next to their cognitive development, the Global Master’s Programme will address and train students in research, leadership, social and communication skills. Students should be able to manage diversity and to deal with different social realities, including political, academic, organizational, cultural and societal rationales.