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Olympic Studies Centre writes about GMP

The Olympic Studies Centre writes about the Global Master’s Programme in their latest newsletter:



The University of Johannesburg South Africa with its Olympic Studies Centre, the University of Tsukuba, Japan, and Utrecht University, the Netherlands, have launched a new Global Master’s Programme focusing on “Sport for Development”.
The new programme aims to prepare future global sports leaders and administrators for “new sports management and governance” that matches with societal issues and current standards of good governance and organisational integrity.
The students will obtain both a critical and a practical perspective, not only through knowledge about the local, regional and global social issues, the meaning of sport in various contexts, governance and management of international sports organisations, but also with academic, leadership and management skills.

Students will initially participate in a regular master’s programme at their home university, with approximately five students from each participating university forming a group that follows the Global Master’s Programme. The two-year educational programme includes visits to each participating university, where students follow a four-week course concentrating on general sports topics such as Sport Governance, Sport for Development and Sport & Diversity. In addition, each university provides lectures and classes on signature topics.

The inaugural programme has already begun, with a one-month visit to Utrecht University in February 2018. In July and August 2018, students will attend the programme at the University of Tsukuba in Japan, followed by a one-month course at the University of Johannesburg in early 2019. The second edition is scheduled to start in 2019/2020.
For more information, contact Sofie van den Hombergh, programme coordinator at Utrecht University, via or visit”