Global sports master


Week 3 in The Netherlands

Week three started with the introduction of the final group assignments where students were given the research question in which they will answer reflecting and applying the things they have learned in the past three weeks. They then got into their research group to experience a workshop on design thinking.

The following day, was a field trip to the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association) where students got a tour and introduction on how sport governance works on a national/international level. Additionally, students were informed about the KNVB WorldCoaches programme.

Midweek, students did activities to learn about collaboration in teams while discussing different leadership styles. Students then looked at an example of a Sport for Development campaign – This Girl Can. After an eventful first few days of the third week, one of the Utrecht University student organized a Goal ball session where students learned about the importance of Communication, Working Together and Trust.

Thursday, students got another skills lab on Intercultural Communication where they did activities to be conscious about different communications and the impact of it.

The week concluded with the final field visit to Utrecht University’s partner Eindhoven University of Technology ( partners in the Vitality Academy) – where students learned about the University’s expertise in combining technology and sports (being active) to motivate a healthier lifestyle.